Business Social Networking For Enterprise

The Staff Communication and Engagement Problem


Many companies operating in industries such as hospitality, retail, facilities management, security, manufacturing, transport etc. have a diverse workforce of staff, franchisees, contractors and part-time workers who undertake different tasks in geographically separated environments.

These types of workers seldom have access to company information, business emails or contact with management and other staff.

When workers are dispersed and isolated from each other or from management, they are often less productive and less inclined to remain with the company.



Mumba Cloud's Social Collaboration Software Is Here to Help

Mumba Cloud is an enterprise social software platform that brings real employee engagement to organizations and teams. By extending the social intranet, integrating legacy IT business systems or deploying as a stand-alone collaboration platform, Mumba Cloud improves the communication, collaboration and engagement between all levels of the organization.

The net result is a highly integrated blend of social intranet with staff portal and social business communication tools that are most useful in meeting structured business objectives.

Mumba Cloud adds value by reducing staff turnover and onboarding costs while increasing employee engagement and productivity. Through effective communication, our clients are harnessing the power of business social networking software to connect with dispersed workers and share important information that has historically been difficult to distribute.



Mumba Cloud was born social thereby ensuring that non-office based staff, franchise employees, contractors and part time workers connect securely with one another and management via our web, phone and tablet applications.

Most importantly, Mumba Cloud is one of the few companies globally that has the experience and expertise to support large scale enterprise social networking implementations. We effectively guide our clients through the various phases of objectives analysis, stakeholder buy-in, system design and integration through to implementation roll-out, employee adoption, information governance and communication control.

An effective employee adoption strategy involves a feature roll-out timeline based on key objectives such as increasing employee interactions across distinct business functions or geographic locations.


Please start our 30 day free and unlimited trial to explore Mumba Cloud for yourself. It's easy to upgrade to the more powerful Enterprise package when the value proposition is better understood.

Wondering what Mumba Cloud actually looks like?

Take a look at this short video that demonstrates the desktop interface.

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