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We call it the “Eyebrow Moment”. The moment in our sales meetings when our prospect’s eyebrows suddenly rise. They don’t know they're doing it but we are working towards this point. This moment is important because it's when they start to appreciate that Enterprise Social Collaboration is a serious and robust business tool, not merely a “nice to have”. We have been in the enterprise social networking industry for a while now and over the past co...
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We recently had an article published on the popular US Technology Business website which discussed how social collaboration tools are being misunderstood. The article has to date been Tweeted 120 times with a further 87 shares on LinkedIn - so it obviously struck a chord! What we are seeing is that both companies implementing collaboration software and the larger software vendors in general are totally misunderstanding the role of So...
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Far too often the focus of Social Collaboration evangelism is about the wonderful things that could happen when an organisation deploys an Enterprise Social Network (ESN); instead of what will happen. Decision makers are far more likely to respond to such a discussion than the “just deploy it and magic will happen” message that consistently floats around the industry. At Mumba Cloud we advocate very strongly that an ESN deployment is most succes...
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Most significant business projects typically have short term and long term objectives, but executives often make the mistake of losing sight of one in the pursuit of the other. Too often this can spoil the ultimate appreciation of the project value on completion. Of course this can be the fault of the outsourced partner who might over-promise and under-deliver. But it can also be a problem customer-side as impatience for the grand vision clouds a...
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While our email inbox is a constant source of aggravation, it is nevertheless the communication devil we know and therefore social communication tools are finding it difficult to replace it, despite its glaring inefficiencies. Research reports are plentiful that document how unproductive email has become - for example, McKinsey’s reports that we spend up to 28 per cent of our working time simply managing our email. Along with it cluttering up the...
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As 2013 draws to a close, I would like to highlight some of our key milestones and take the opportunity to thank our clients, partners and the Mumba Cloud team. Celebrating 7 Years This month Mumba Corp. celebrated its 7th birthday. I'm pleased to affirm that we have been successfully continuing our journey towards driving Employee Engagement through internal employee communication. First launched in 2010, our Mumba Cloud Social Business Softwa...
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We're living in a time when the word "revolution" is appended to so many business and social activities that one could be forgiven for tuning out. Internal Employee Communication is currently undergoing its own revolution and is deserving of promotion and analysis. Why? because like all revolutions, it is changing the way we do things and will positively impact many people's working lives. Social business software, deployed as a Social Intranet...
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Intranets have been around for decades. They're the central 'hub' of an organization whereby employees can access company news, information, policies and documents. Traditional intranets were designed for one-way communication whereby information was constructed by management and consumed by employees. With the introduction of social collaboration and communication tools for business, intranet vendors are recognising the market shift towards int...
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I came across a recent article that mentioned 10 Employee Engagement Ideas (that get serious results). It's a good article but what caught my attention is that teamwork was listed as number 9 on the list. Working for a company that specializes in employee collaboration software (i.e. teamwork) I think that teamwork should be higher on the list of employee engagement ideas. Teamwork can sound like a management cliché these days however many sta...
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Investing in new enterprise projects usually requires a detailed business case, needs analysis and implementation strategy. Enterprise Social Networking applications have historically skipped this process as they had been sanctioned, paid for and implemented by departmental managers on a 'need to have' basis. Over the past year however, we've seen a defined shift in decision making to senior c-level executives and boards. The shift up the decisi...
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Since the launch of Mumba Cloud G3 back in June 2013, we've been working on a range of exciting new features designed to improve the distribution of internal employee communications across large workforces. One exciting new feature soon to be launched to our enterprise clients, is the ability to target information campaigns to specific employees based on their profile data. We call this new feature Rapid Target.   Rapid Target emerged due ...
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It's been over a decade since the concept of Employee Engagement emerged amongst senior executives leading large organizations. Today, many C-Level executives have their annual performance reports and KPIs tied to employee engagement results. Furthermore, leading research and consulting companies such as Gallup, McKinsey&Company and Towers Watson have built practices around the concept of employee engagement. The industry has grown to a poin...
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Since 2010, Mumba Cloud has been providing consulting advice for enterprise social networking to some of Australia's largest companies. Every client we work with has a different set of requirements and objectives, company culture and way of doing business. Furthermore, each client is looking to either replace current systems, implement new systems or integrate old with new. Objectives usually start out with what we term basic 'primal goals' and ...
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Information has a value that decays over time. High value information needs to find its recipient as fast as possible in order to retain its value. Companies that struggle to communicate with their employees are literally leaking value every day. Add this notion to the fact that many companies do not have a method to communicate with employees in the first place, and you have millions of dollars literally evaporating each day due to inefficienci...
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The Mumba Cloud team is pleased to announce the official release of Mumba Cloud Third Generation Enterprise Social Networking Platform for June 2013 titled Mumba Cloud G3. Mumba Cloud G3 has been completely re-written from the ground up to take advantage of the most advanced Amazon Web Services cloud hosting technologies as well as the latest HTML5 and Java browsing technologies offering users a smooth, fast and secure social business networking...
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Over the past few months the Mumba team has been working on our next major release of Mumba Cloud Enterprise Social Network for July 2013. Since our Mumba Cloud Enterprise release in 2010 and our worldwide SaaS release in July 2012 this next version marks our 3rd generation private social networking platform. Most of Mumba Cloud's architecture has been re-designed from the ground-up using the most current web technologies. A number of exciting ...
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This is an article I wrote that appeared on The Problem With EmailMcKinsey’s research indicates that interaction workers typically spend 28% of each day (13 hours a week) reading, writing and filing e-mails. (McKinsey Quarterly, Nov 12) Email became a powerful tool for individual and small group communication because of its Inbox which has served as a user’s task list and its folders as a filing system. The Inbox has bee...
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Senior Executives are coming under increasing pressure to improve their accessibility via both internal and public social networking applications. Social media’s necessity for speedy unscripted updates carries a range of perceived hazards for those who are unfamiliar and inexperienced with the medium. It’s often reported that corporate leaders are too busy managing a company to take time posting messages on sites like Twitter or Linkedin, or re-...
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In a climate of global economic uncertainty, the socioeconomic gap is continuing to widen, as the middle class slowly disappears into either the impoverished or the wealthy. This raises the issue of executive compensation, and the perception that it is out of line with business performance, especially compared to the average worker’s salary. Besides looking at facts and figures, it is clear that the public, as well as employees of these executive...
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Social media is a tool that businesses can use to improve competitiveness by engaging their clients, consumers, employees and new recruits. Even though the benefits are becoming more tangible, a negative online groundswell may inflict far greater damage. Customer satisfaction and engagement is often considered the most important aspect of an online social branding campaign however a less explored, but more important element is the destructive bea...
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